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Oct 19 2009

War On Terror Could Be In Final Stages

I stand by General McCrystal and his request for more troops, even though that likely means our son will go to Afghanistan as part of any surge. Depending on the timing of these new forces, though, the war on terror could be wrapping up sooner rather than later. The US and Pakistan have been tightening […]

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Feb 17 2009

Pakistan Surrenders To Taliban, Is The World Surrendering To Islamo Fascism?

The Brave New World of President Obama has some disturbing trends to it. The worst is the attempt to go back to a pre 9-11 delusional state that a violently oppressive form of religion can co-exist with modern, open, western societies. We humans spent the 1990’s pretending that blood lusting jihadis in Afghanistan and Pakistan […]

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Aug 25 2008

Taliban Beg For Ceasefire, Pakistan Refuses And Bans Taliban

The Taliban have been taking a beating in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The prime offensives have been in the Swat Valley region of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) and the Bajaur Agency of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). Here is some news from the Swat region describing the pounding the militant Taliban […]

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Aug 01 2008

Interesting Happenings In The Afghan-Pak Tribal Regions

    Things are definitely heating up in the Pakistan-Afghanistan tribal areas, thought to be the last major sanctuary for al-Qaeda and extremist Taliban forces and leaders. It is important to remember al-Qaeda’s goal in all this – they want war between the US allies. They would love to see Pakistan, India and Afghanistan break […]

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