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Jul 06 2010

Anti-Government Tsunami Heading For Big-Government Party

This is not the year to be pro government. That is the same as being pro screw-up or pro incompetence. Who cheers for the losers who rant about how great they are and then produce disaster after disaster? And as the economic suffering continues to expand (it is now lapping at our door step too) […]

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Jun 19 2010

Half Assed Administration

Remember the stimulus bill that was supposed to save the economy? Remember how it failed miserably (since around 90% of its ‘shovel ready’ money was not even spent by January 2010). We have yet to see how bad the health care system has been screwed up by liberal fantasies, but we now know very few if […]

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Feb 27 2010

Liberal Ideology Is Creating Economic Madness

Incoherent madness. That is what keeps running through my mind as I watch the last gasps of liberalism on display this year in DC. The far left has always tried to whittle away at the free market economy of America – which is based on the individual – and replace it with socialistic approaches where […]

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Aug 25 2009

Obama Admits Liberal Economic Policies Are Failures

President Obama’s administration has announced (because the law demands most likely) that the liberal policies he and the libs in Congress enacted to fix the economy have failed. And fail so miserably we will be living this economic nightmare for another year – right up until the 2010 elections for Congress: U.S. unemployment will surge to […]

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Mar 28 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Obama Administration

Update: Even WaPo determines Obama’s decision to win Afghanistan is a gutsy continuation of the Bush policies. – end update President Obama has demonstrated two things in his first few months. First (and worst), he has demonstrated how truly inexperienced and unprepared he and his team truly were. But second (and most unexpected), President Obama […]

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