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Sep 26 2008

Democrats Need To Compromise

The House GOP is not happy with the current bailout plan, yet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demand majority support from both sides of the aisle. Answer: Dems – start compromising. I have had my doubts about the bailout bill since it was liberal policies which forced banks to make unsafe loans that got us […]

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Jul 02 2008

Victory In Iraq Is Close At Hand!

The Surge and Awakening that hit Iraq last year (in the face of dour predictions from Democrats that Iraq was a failure, the Surge was a failure, etc) has succeeded, victory is at hand. The Surge had many goals, nearly all of which have been met, according to a US State Department Government Report on […]

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Jun 22 2008

Now Showing Across The Nation: “The FISA Follies”

What is up with the Democrats? They have decided to go with complete lies to their base in light of the FISA legislation compromise Bush and the GOP just won in the House of Representatives (see my previous posts here on how great this was for conservatives). Are they so confident in their ability to […]

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