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Dec 29 2009

Useless & Inane Gestures Of False Security

When faced with a critical challenge I guess some people just need to feel like they are doing something, so they concoct useless and inane gestures to make it seem like they are doing their job. Then there is the whole ‘fool the people’ gambit as well, where you try and simply snooker people into […]

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Dec 28 2009

Back To The Naive 9/10/01 Mentality – America At Risk From Left Wing Denial

I think the American people have had a serious wake up call with the specter of a Christmas Day Massacre in the skies over Detroit. I, like countless other Americans, was flying with my entire family around this holiday season, and the idea that we could have all perished as a result of the incompetence […]

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Dec 28 2009

George W Bush Knew Our Enemies, Knew How To Go After Them

On the heels of the lamest public CYA statement in a century, where our incompetent Secretary of Homeland Security ran onto the Sunday political talk shows claiming the ‘system worked‘ after a known terrorist sympathizer just barely failed to kill over 200 people on a commercial airliner on Christmas Day, we are reminded of how […]

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Dec 27 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Pulls A (Neville) Chamberlain

Hat tip to reader Crosspatch for pointing out what has to be the dumbest statement by a national leader in a century. Not since Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain came back from a meeting with Adolf Hitler to declare peace was at hand (when in actuality World War II was about to begin and kill […]

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Dec 26 2009

Al Qaeda Tries To Strike Again – On Christmas

If you feel like our current government is distracted and obsessed with their own political agenda while they are ignoring their duty to the people of this country you are probably in good company. The DC liberals have screwed up just about everything since taking power in 2008, it seems to be no surprise they […]

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