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Nov 03 2014

GOP Wave Is Here – How Big Is It?

I almost titled this post the “Anti-Democrat, Anti-BigGovernment, Anti-Obama Wave is Here”, because this election is not about wild support for the GOP and their brand of big government. It is clearly a referendum on the Activist Government Bungling produced by Obama, Reid and Pelosi since 2008. A historic bungling covered up by the liberal […]

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Oct 01 2010

Gallup Stunner Coming!?!?

OK, this election year could be more than a once-in-a-lifetime kind of year. It could be a once-in-forever, if what Jay Cost is reporting about Gallup’s ‘likely voter‘ version of its congressional generic question is accurate: Our latest measure for the week of Sept. 20-26 shows Republicans with a 20-percentage-point lead over Democrats in terms […]

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Sep 30 2010

Crystal Ball Turning GOP Red

Larry Sabato is out with updated projections for the 2010 election cycle and things keeping getting worse for the Dems. In the House, Sabato has moved 10 races from ‘toss up‘ to ‘leans GOP‘ – all of them Dems. Long time incumbent: 13 term Kanjorski of PA 11 is on this list, as is long […]

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Sep 23 2010

Is GOP On Track For an 80 Seat Landslide In The House?

The bad news for Dems just keeps on coming. If you look at the RCP House Map today you find the GOP with 206 seats in their lean-strong categories (click to enlarge). This includes picking up 31 Democrat seats in the ‘leans GOP‘ and ‘likely GOP‘ groupings. As I have watched the polls shift right […]

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Sep 08 2010

White House Finally Awakes From Fantasyland

It has been a long time since President Obama promised in 2009 that: … this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the […]

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Aug 31 2010

There Is An Anti-Dem, Anti-Big Gov Wave Out There

The Gallup poll that came out yesterday showing a historic lead for the GOP in the generic ballot test is not the only indication that the Democrats are in the cross hairs of the American public. In fact, sitting next to a commentary by Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight fame was an interesting graph, which I […]

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Jul 28 2010

55 Dem House Seats In Trouble

As they say: “Follow the money” The Dems can claim all day long they will win in November, but that is just propaganda-speak for the gullible.  Just last week the Dems purchased $28 million in ad buys for 40 endangered D-congress-critters, ranging from freshmen to committee chairmen. That purchase represented 82% of their congressional war […]

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Jul 23 2010

Alarm Bells Ring In 40 Democrat House Seats, Veil Of Denial Ripped Away

(Select the image to review some of Baghdad Bob’s classic claims) Despite all the delusional and misleading denials by DC Democrats regarding their chances this coming election (especially that schtick by “Beltway Biden” this last week on ABC News), the reality of the Democrats’ situations is clear when you focus on where they are spending […]

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Jun 15 2010

Writing On The Wall For Dems This Fall

Democrats, you folks screwed up. You went too far left, you focused on the wrong issues (you may recall people need good jobs or everything else goes to crap). You forced an unwanted and costly take over of health care. And you will pay at the polls this year, so says liberal NPR and Democrat pollster […]

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Oct 14 2008

Who Pays Obama Taxes On His House Part II?

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Major Update: SBD in a comment below speculates on how Rezko and Obama may be tied to Nadhmi Auchi, a billionaire Iraqi who did business for Saddam Hussien: Here are a few interestiing quotes from the court documents in the Rezko criminal case. Through records from Northern Trust Bank, the government has learned there was […]

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