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Jun 30 2010

President Obama’s “Deer In Headlight” Moment

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Update: Reader Tarpon has some excellent observations regarding EPA rules to oil spills, which someone should have been reading in the White House months ago: Yep, Obowma should have read the EPA oil spill emergency plan — Contain the spill at the well, time is of the utmost urgency. And they further state, ‘at all […]

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Jun 27 2010

Incompetence Writ Large: Obama Puts Top Donor In Charge

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I was reading an article about President Obama’s historic level of incompetence and I ran across this line: He [Obama] is the quintessential wrong guy at the wrong time .. And I am sitting here thinking – that just about sums it all up. The author goes through a series of examples from the gulf […]

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Jun 21 2010

Our Government Has Lied To Us

I know I will get slammed for the comparison, but some times the acts fit the crime. The Obama administration’s PR campaign is mirroring the PR campaign instituted by the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. I am saying mirroring, not identical. We have yet to hit the point where political opponents are more than […]

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Jun 12 2010

Obama Is Flailing, Lying And Forging Over Gulf Spill

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After who knows how many holes of golf since the Gulf oil spill erupted, President Obama is going to meet with the wrong leader of BP on Tuesday. He’s meeting the Chairman of the Board who has not been working the oil spill, instead of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tony Hayward who is leading […]

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Jun 08 2010

BOTUS Barks On Gulf Oil Spill

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Barack of the United States (or Bully of the United States) is now mad. Barking mad. The BOTUS got on some liberal news media interview and attempted to show his laser like focus on the Gulf oil spill. Pathetically, all he showed was his depth of incompetence. See, he talked to fishermen last month because […]

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