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Jul 22 2016

Trump & America Turn A Corner

I have no idea where the Donald Trump who delivered that excellent convention speech has been hiding out all these months, but I am very glad to see he showed up when he did. His speech capped a great convention – but not in the politically mainstream or politically correct sense of “great”. The most […]

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Sep 07 2012

Convention Wrap Up: I Need A Refill Of Advil

Sorry again for the complete lack of posting. Life has become incredibly hectic, and not always in a good way. At least we squeaked some vacation time in at the end of August, or else I would have gone mad with the conflicting priorities of aging parents, an endless stream of work/business issues (in no […]

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Aug 29 2012

Earth To Obama & Dems – You (And Government) Are Not “The Creator”

I had an epiphany during Paul Ryans wonderful and powerful speech. We know the debate this year is about where the heart of America lies. As I said yesterday, I thought WI Governor Walker nailed the Democrats by pointing out the Dems measure success by how many Americans rely on government to eek out an […]

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Aug 29 2012

Condoleeza’s Cold Splash In The Face

Secretary Condoleeza Rice’s speech was a needed dousing of cold water, needed to awake us from a stupor of liberal foreign policies. Condoleeza was amazing, reminding us that as weary as we may be to lead, the options of chaos or leadership by others with evil intents is much, much worse. Her recall back to […]

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Aug 28 2012

What I Need To Hear, What I Expect To See

I have thankfully been way too busy to delve into politics of late.  But that changes tonight as I dial into the GOP convention speeches.  If I can stand it long enough…. What I need to hear this week from the GOP is how they plan to forgo any social issue (i.e., use the power […]

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