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Nov 23 2008

Got Us A Big Name Terrorist In Pakistan!

In these last days of the Bush presidency it is no surprise President Bush is going all out to kill as many known, high valued terrorists as he can before the pacifist Dems take control. The good news is the efforts are paying off as the US is now launching regular attacks on terrorist hideouts […]

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Sep 19 2008

Bush Quietly Comes To The Rescue

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President Bush’s economic team hit the streets today and probably pulled America from the brink of a disaster. And instead of making this political – he did quietly in order for those in Congress who have to make these corrections law could do so without partisan rancor. It’s not that Bush is partisan, it’s because […]

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Jul 02 2008

US Special Forces In Pakistan – For Months Now

The International Herald Tribune (IHT) ran a reasonable article (for them) recently on the al-Qaeda and Taliban forces who retreated from Afghanistan into the Pakistan area and efforts over the years to deal with them. I want to take some key information from that article to lay out the case that we are seeing the […]

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