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Feb 21 2012

Heartland ClimateFakeGate Exposes Rot In Alarmists’ Camp

Update: An interesting open letter response in the WSJ nails one of my points below: The continued efforts of the climate establishment to eliminate “extreme views” can acquire a seriously threatening nature when efforts are directed at silencing scientific opposition. In our op-ed we mentioned the campaign circa 2003 to have Dr. Chris de Freitas […]

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Jul 28 2008

Meet The Dan Rathers Of The Right – The Cult Of The COLB

Delusional obsession. What else could explain people like Dan Rather, who still think the forged TANG documents – shown to have been created using a modern word processing program – are real even though the evidence is overwhelmingly against such conclusions? I have no clue, but to take clear evidence that something is a forgery […]

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Jul 23 2008

Did Someone Screw Up The Data In The COLB Report?

I have been watching the Cult of The COLB for weeks now as they flounder about, doing more to prove the Obama COLB image is probably a scan of a legitimate COLB than not (my posts are here). The latest gasp from the Cult of The COLB was an apparent mismatch in the format layovers […]

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Jul 22 2008

The Cult Of The COLB Took A Hit Today

Seems the rock solid evidence of a forgery is not so rock solid all of a sudden – with new data coming to light supporting the information on the Obama COLB. TexasDarling is the one eating the crow on this one, but at least she/he has the integrity to post the data and admit the […]

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Jul 22 2008

The Cult Of The COLB Under Fire

Pamela is getting it from all sides by real professional document investigators (check out the comments by Furious T).  Some examples: Folks: I’m in techdude’s industry as well, and you simply cannot do this kind of “forensic” examination on a COPY of a document without having access to the original. In other words, nothing techdude […]

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Jul 20 2008

The End Of The COLB Cult – Myth Busted Again

Update: Reader Ray from Australia noted this article wherein an official of the state of HI looked at the BHO COLB and said it looked to be real.   When the birth certificate arrived from the Obama campaign it confirmed his name as the other documents already showed it. Still, we took an extra step: […]

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Jul 06 2008

The Obama “Forged Birth Certificate” Myth Is Busted

Welcome Hot Air and Little Green Footballs Readers May I suggest much more important topics such as Our Pending Victory In Iraq, The Determination Of Our Soldiers To Succeed In Iraq, Obama’s Flip-Flops, and Nagging Problems On Flight 93 Memorial. This birth certificate myth is just not that import Addendum: I failed to note LJStrata […]

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