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Jul 27 2010

Decades Of Economic Hell – Thanks To DC Democrats

The CBO has come out with a bleak report on the nation’s economic future. The headliner is how badly Obamacare bends the cost curve – up! CBO projects that if current laws do not change, federal spending on major mandatory health care programs will grow from roughly 5 percent of GDP today to about 10 […]

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Jun 06 2010

G20 Smacks Down Obamanomics

Something very unexpected happened this week, with no notice from the liberal media (surprise, surprise). The world’s top economies just smacked down the massive deficit spending being employed by Obama and the DC liberals in Congress, in no uncertain terms: The communiqué of the meeting made it clear that the G20 no longer thought that […]

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Oct 08 2009

Spend $100 dollars to save $10?

The silly news out of DC on the cost of the senate health insurance reform reminds me of an old Gallagher line about how is wife spent thousands of dollars each week shopping all the sales. His line went something like: “We have nothing in the bank, but we’re ahead by millions!” The media arm […]

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Sep 01 2009


CNN came out with a truly crushing poll for Obama and the Democrats in Congress. As I noted in an earlier post, the 1994 Congressional drubbing the Dems took over Hillarycare is nothing compared to what they will reap over Obamacare and Obamanomics in 2010. The one thing that probably cushioned Bill Clinton’s from an […]

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Jul 14 2009

Remember, President Obama Claims His Economic Plan Is Working!

The economic train wreck is now pretty much unavoidable. The deficit numbers out for June make that clear, and assuming the same employment disaster for the next few months, President Obama and the Congressional Dems are on a path of historic economic screw ups.  The Wall Street Journal has some of the sobering data out […]

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Jun 02 2009

Have You Sacrificed Your Career And Life’s Work For Obama’s Liberal Economic Experiment?

This post was originally titled “Obama’s Lies On Economy Getting Out Of Control – Where Is The Job Creating Stimulus?” But it was lost over the weekend after the murders committed by the left and right fringe (see here and here) pushed the post down ‘below the fold’.  Comments by President Obama yesterday regarding the GM-Government […]

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