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Jan 08 2009

Democrats And Media On Senator Burris: “Never Mind”

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  Talk about your major screw ups. It is only now just dawning on the Democrats, and their liberal media puppets, that they are not all powerful and beyond the law and can decide the guilt or innocence of someone. We have laws and courts for those matters. We The People are beginning to see […]

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Jan 07 2009

Dems Must Seat Senator Burris – Harry Reid Is Trashing Our Constitution

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Major Update: It seems Senate Majority Ego Reid is surrendering his unconstitutional blockade of Senator Burris. What a putz! Major Update: Even the Illinois Secretary of State agrees his signature is not legally binding against seating Senator Burris, and Harry Reid has no legal standing to bar Senator Burris. What The SoS should do, then, is […]

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