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Apr 28 2013

Obama Tries Extortion On Voters: Do As I Say Or More Suffering To Come!

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Well, well, well.  It seems our petulant President is realizing the trap he set for himself with sequestration, and is now becoming a pissy, petulant President. In this week’s POTUS address to the nation, we see a bit of strain and arrogance coming through as Obama threatens pain on Americans if they don’t do as […]

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Apr 20 2009

Has Team Obama Lost Their Collective Minds?

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  How dumb does Team Obama think Americans are? First, in  a year where the Obama administration is planning on spending nearly $2,000,000,000,000, they come out and propose  a measly $100,000 in budget cuts so as to appear to be concerned about out of control government spending (who says the tea parties haven’t rattled the Dems?): […]

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