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Jan 21 2009

Update On al Qaeda’s Biological Weapon Mishap In Algeria

One of the most disturbing stories since we learned Polonium 210 was being traipsed through London and Europe surfaced yesterday. Polonium 210 is optimal as two kinds of WMD. First, it is a key element in early atomic weapons as part of the nuclear trigger which causes the atomic blast. Second, it is deadly in […]

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Jan 20 2009

al Qaeda May Have Succumbed To Its Own Biological WMD – Updated!

Major Update: OK, I have no idea how good the reporting is from this regional news outlet, but what it is reporting is disturbing: At least 40 al-Qaeda operatives in Algeria died last week of the plague, the killer bug commonly known as the Black Death, prompting experts to speculate that al-Qaeda was developing the […]

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