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Jan 09 2010

Why Wasn’t This Man Interrogated Endlessly?

This is the reason why so many people cannot understand why Obama allowed leftist ideologue Eric Holder to mirandize the Christmas Day Bomber and allow him to lawyer up: British Intelligence has confirmed perhaps the most chilling boast that accused Christmas Day bomber Umar Abdulmutallab made to investigators after his arrest: that close to 20 […]

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Jan 07 2010

Obama Administration In Race Against Time To Stop Next 9-11

As more details are leaked out ahead of the shocking report coming out today on the near miss Christmas Day bombing on Flight 253 we are left to wonder what is going on inside this young and inexperienced administration. First, we have to ask why the administration let the bomber, Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who […]

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Dec 31 2009

A Smoking Gun Dot In President’s Report On Flight 253 Intel Failures

Smoking Gun II Update At End! Very Important Updates Below! Today we are gaining more and more clarity on the missteps that led up to a Nigerian Jihadist, who was armed with a powerful and sophisticated stealth bomb and trained by al Qaeda in Yemen, coming seconds away from inflicting a Christmas Day Massacre on […]

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Dec 28 2009

Obama Just Destroyed Any Hope Of A Second Term

VP candidate Joe Biden once predicted President Obama would be tested on national security and would fail. Today is the day VP Biden predicted would come. Today President Obama came out to publicly address the nearly successful Christmas Day Massacre aboard a Northwest Airline flight into Detroit Michigan. It has only been one day since President […]

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Dec 27 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Pulls A (Neville) Chamberlain

Hat tip to reader Crosspatch for pointing out what has to be the dumbest statement by a national leader in a century. Not since Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain came back from a meeting with Adolf Hitler to declare peace was at hand (when in actuality World War II was about to begin and kill […]

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Dec 26 2009

Al Qaeda Tries To Strike Again – On Christmas

If you feel like our current government is distracted and obsessed with their own political agenda while they are ignoring their duty to the people of this country you are probably in good company. The DC liberals have screwed up just about everything since taking power in 2008, it seems to be no surprise they […]

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