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Feb 09 2010

Conservatives Deserve Serious Leaders

In a follow up to my post on how the fringe right is trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement I want to applaud this piece on Birther nonsense: The “we’re just asking questions” rationale seems to be the explanation du jour for the tiresome and self-destructive continuing “Birther” fixation of some journalists who purport to […]

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Feb 07 2010

Tea Party Self Destructs With Conservative Fringes

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When the Tea Parties were non political gatherings of Americans challenging the deficit spending, deficit in tax cuts and deficit in respecting the judgement and goodness of Americans to do the right thing I was a big fan. But as the movement gained followers, it also attracted the same political wannabes who have tried to […]

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Dec 04 2009

Palin Dodges Bullet On Obama COLB

As folks know I am a COLB denier. I don’t run with the birthers and spent many hours debunking their insanity. And I have little respect for those who have latched onto this nonsense. The birthers are not as bad as the truthers, but definitely worse than the AGW alarmists (at least there was some […]

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Aug 05 2009

Birthers Helping President Obama & Liberal Democrats Dodge Responsibility For Their Policy Failures

  The Birther fools out there are making any real opposition to the failed liberal policies of President Obama and the liberal old guard in Congress a laughing stock. The angry-mob style protesters who have infiltrated town halls around the country are the non-organic product of “tea-baggers,” “birthers,” and the conservative fringe, two Senate Democratic […]

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Mar 02 2009

Far Right Makes Obama Look Sane

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I am glad I did not waste my time at CPAC. Last thing I needed was to watch a lot of people in denial make the same mistake that put them in the minority in the first place. While conservatism has a solid core of family values, responsibility, peace through strength, and limited (but efficient) […]

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