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May 17 2009

A Surge Building In Pakistan Tribal Areas, First Attacks Begun

Updates Below This year the US and Pakistan are definitely going to make a major push against al Qaeda and the Taliban. I have been wondering why al Qaeda had been slowly moving people from its sanctuary in Pakistan to Somalia (a dangerous migration since movement can be detected). It seems a new effort to […]

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Aug 19 2008

Muslims As Human Shields, Other Updates On The War On Terror 08_19_08

It is becoming very clear how al-Qaeda and the Taliban will lose the war on terror – through their desperation to win or survive their acts will cause such a backlash in the Muslim Street they will become to Islam what the Nazis are to Germans. The most recent example of their atrocious desperation has […]

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Jul 02 2008

Curious Coincidence: Bin Laden, Bajaur Agency, US Missiles In The News

Updated! Lots of discussions today on whether we could target Bin Laden with a drone if we discovered his hide out (see here and here). From the second link we read this: Pakistan long ago gave Washington the right to launch an immediate Predator drone strike on Osama bin Laden, without first notifying Islamabad, if […]

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