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Jan 03 2009

Don’t Send My Tax Dollars To Other States!

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  This financial mess has released the worst in people – greed. Instead of being responsible for their own state budgets and messes, now governors (mostly Democrat) are going to the Feds and asking to take my hard earned tax dollars and spend them bailing out states I don’t live, work or spend in. Governors […]

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Sep 26 2008

Democrats Need To Compromise

The House GOP is not happy with the current bailout plan, yet Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid demand majority support from both sides of the aisle. Answer: Dems – start compromising. I have had my doubts about the bailout bill since it was liberal policies which forced banks to make unsafe loans that got us […]

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Jul 23 2008

Mortgage Bailout – For A Price

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I know we have to bail out the mortgage giants who couldn’t operate on government subsidized money, but I have one condition to it all: The top managers are booted and THEIR retirement plans annulled. No Golden Parachutes – only the Led Zeppelin. If the US Taxpayer has to come in and fix the mismanagement […]

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