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Oct 06 2008

Afghan Taliban Awaken: Dump al-Qaeda And Sue For Peace

The pivot point in Iraq was when the Sunni Arabs of Iraq decided al-Qaeda was a brutish and violent ally that was actually more their enemy than the US or the democratically elected Iraqi government (run by Shiites and Kurds, primarily). Things became so bad with al-Qaeda by their side they decided to take up […]

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Sep 30 2008

More On Pakistan Awakening

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There is more reporting on the growing Pakistan Tribal Awakening in the heart of the region thought to be the center of Taliban and al-Qaeda sanctuary.  First this report: Intensive Pakistani military action in the border areas has emboldened several tribes to turn against Taliban militants. The Salarzai tribe in Bajaur, where the military is […]

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Aug 20 2008

First A Pakistan “Awakening”, Now An Afghanistan “Surge”

A successful counter-insurgency strategy, like the one used to gain victory in Iraq, will play out with its own unique pattern and forces in the war against the last large enclave of Islamo Fascist militants in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. If it happens it will not be identical to what happened in […]

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Aug 18 2008

Pakistan’s Awakening Is Growing As Local Tribes Ally With Government And Hunt Down Militants – Updated!

It does seem that the Pakistan Tribal Awakening is taking root and spreading in the tribal regions of Pakistan known as the FATA and the NWFP. I noted in one post yesterday how tribes in one area of the NWFP province had set up security details and hunted down Taliban militants in their region.   […]

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Aug 10 2008

Pakistan Extremists Not Doing So Well

  The Pakistan Islamo Fascists who are providing the last refuge for al-Qaeda fighters running from their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq are having their own problems. The Pakistan government, on the urging of the US, has begun to seriously crack down on these militants that infest the NWFP and FATA regions of Pakistan along […]

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Jul 18 2008

Taliban Turn On Pakistani Government

There was a concern the new ruling parties in Pakistan might make allegiance with the Taliban.  But the Taliban have demanded the right to launch attacks outside of Pakistan if they promise to not attack inside Pakistan. That kind of appeasement was never going to be acceptable to the US or AFghanistan (or NATO or […]

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Jul 08 2008

Taliban Infighting Shows Sign Of Pakistan Awakening And Problems For Islamo Fascists

In Iraq the turning point came when Sunni Muslims, fed up and repulsed by their people being massacred by the Islamo Fascists of al-Qaeda, literally turned on their one-time al-Qaeda allies and began to purge their country of this cancer. President Bush and General Petraeus intelligently took advantage of this sea change in allegiance and […]

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