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Jun 01 2010

Violent “Peace” Protesters – Not An Oxymoron Anymore

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Has much of the world dropped half its IQ points or something? The only lesson one should take from the boarding of that ‘flotilla of aid’ by the Israelis is it may be easier to just blow these kinds of stunts out of the water from afar to enforce the law than trying to board […]

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Sep 24 2009

Terrorism Dots, Dots, Dots

Anyone not see a pattern here?  First, Najibullah Zazi is indicted in a WMD bomb plot in New York regarding a conspiracy to execute another 9-11 on this nation in line to the London and Madrid bombings. Then the FBI arrests a man in Illinois in an attempt to bomb a federal building: An Illinois […]

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Sep 23 2008

Will al-Qaeda Try To Influence America’s Election? – Updated With Intel Alert!

Major Update: Reader SBD provides us a chilling look at one of the intel warnings that just went out a few days ago -  17 September 2008: A disturbing communication posted in a high level Arabic language forum suggests that some type of terrorist operation is currently underway, targeting sites within the United States and […]

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