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Oct 19 2016

Recent Election Polls Show POTUS Tied Up

Update_2: OK,  here is the updated data and computations adding in two additional general election polls: Across all 7 polls HRC averaging 43.0% Trump averaging 40.3% Difference 2.7% That is clearly a tie race, and I did not remove the Bloomberg outlier.  If I do then we get HRC averaging 42.3% Trump averaging 40.7% Difference […]

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Oct 17 2016

Hillary Has No True Positions On Anything

  H/T to Watts Up With That for the image of the election season One thing the Wikileaks emails from John Podesta clearly show is that Hillary takes positions to get elected. Outside her need to be POTUS, she has nothing but a facade for her “public face”, and nothing but greed for her “private […]

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Oct 09 2016

Our Battle For Our Nation Finally Begins – Trump Defiant!

  The Political Industrial Complex* (PIC) brought out their big ‘sleaze guns’ and took their best shot at Donald Trump. As I posted earlier,  other candidates from outside the PIC have similarly been challenged, and they were chased out of their elections (see Herman Cain for President). The ‘news media’ – the propaganda arm of […]

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Oct 07 2016

Oh How The “Stupid” Burns!!

  We know the “News” media will do or say anything to prop up poor Hillary. But recently we have had a spate of such moronic commentary it actually is burning my brain. I happen to be one of those quasi rocket scientists who has worked on little things like NASA’s Space Station (just to […]

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Oct 02 2016

Three Questions That Can Shape This Election

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Looks like Crooked Hillary, Three Democrat-led State Governments and the “News” Media have conspired to try and distract voters with sophomoric barbs on things that occurred in the LAST CENTURY! How else to explain the fact that Hillery Clinton demanded Donald Trump release his tax returns during their debate and now – less than  one […]

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Sep 28 2016

How Trump Won The Debate & Elites Cannot See It

It is almost pathetic watching the denizens of the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) try and understand the political tsunami converging on their world. They keep wondering why the electorate does not see Trump and Clinton they way they do – and they keep blaming the electorate for having the blinders on. Truly sad. The political […]

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Aug 25 2016

Brexit In America: Clinton vs. Trump

This election cycle is so amazing one cannot help but think it has been scripted by some invisible, all-powerful, hand. I mean, how could we have two completely opposite candidates, perfectly reflecting the forces at play in this day and age? It truly is a clash between The Elites and The Masses! Main Street vs […]

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Jul 26 2016

DNC Emails Possibly Exposed By Hillary’s Private Server

OK, be patient why I delve into my inner geek. Everyone is proposing those toxic DNC emails that roiled the Democrat National Convention this weekend were hacked by Russia. Which I actually do not doubt. But please understand, to hack into a system someone needs to be sloppy and “invite” the hackers in! So how […]

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Jul 22 2016

Trump & America Turn A Corner

I have no idea where the Donald Trump who delivered that excellent convention speech has been hiding out all these months, but I am very glad to see he showed up when he did. His speech capped a great convention – but not in the politically mainstream or politically correct sense of “great”. The most […]

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Jul 21 2016

Overwhelmed Political Elite Circle The Wagons “To Resist We The People”

Last night Ted Cruz exposed the Political Industrial Complex (PIC) in all its arrogant and self-centered glory. He is the next (but not the last) of a long line the GOP-algned members of the PIC to confirm why Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump are necessary and legitimate grass root movements. As a reminder, […]

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