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Aug 11 2012

“Small-Government” Rep Paul Ryan Joins Team Romney

Mitt Romney made a bold move today – he picked a running mate that will easily overshadow him for the rest of the election cycle (like Sarah Palin rapidly overshadowed Senator McCain). And like Sarah Palin before him, Rep Paul Ryan is going to be the small-government, Libertarian, Tea Party voters’ rallying point on the […]

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Aug 10 2012

Why Americans Are Tuned Out From This Year’s Gutter Politics

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The final stretch of summer 2012 is here and as the August heat and humanity begin to simmer DC, the stench of our bloated and incompetent federal bureaucracy is also beginning to intensify. Specifically the desperation of the Democrats as they realize their dismal failures are going to actually come back to haunt them. Stink […]

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Aug 06 2012

Curiosity Has Landed On Mars!

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It truly is amazing how much NASA accomplishes with one of the smallest budgets in the federal government. The joke has always been that the DoD blows through the entire NASA budget before the end January. Or how the nation spends more on Pizza than on the exploration of Space each year. Today, we learn […]

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Aug 05 2012

The Full Spectrum Of The 2012 Olympic Experience

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From the Good: The U.S. women’s swim team punctuated a commanding performance at the London Olympics with one more gold medal and another world record, winning the 400-meter medley relay Saturday night and giving teenager Missy Franklin her fourth gold in the Summer Games. To the Great: Reclaiming the lead with his trademark butterfly stroke, […]

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Aug 02 2012

Government Motors Running Into The Ditch

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Is this really a shock – or just a fait accompli? General Motors’ profits fell 41% in the second quarter as troubles in Europe undercut strong sales in North America. America’s largest automaker made $1.5bn in the second quarter of 2012, compared with $2.5bn for the same period last year. Revenue fell to $37.6bn from […]

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Aug 01 2012

You Didn’t Build (or Do) That!

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Barack Obama is now experiencing why his lack of experience is so damning. In 2008, riding a wave of anti-Bush frustration from a pliant (if not brain dead) news media, The One had an easy coast to election as everyone WISHED for something better. No analysis, no vetting, no looking at warning signs. Just wishful […]

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Aug 01 2012

Small Government Tea Party Alive & Kicking

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The news media – and to be honest many on the religious right – wish to confuse the Tea Party with social conservatism. But this is a complete misread of where the Tea Party started and its core tenants. The Tea Party is Libertarian at its core – small, minimalistic government. It is not super […]

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