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Jul 18 2005

MSM is Plame Lying

I know the MSM has their agenda, and they cannot comprehend views outside their microcosmic echo chamber. But when they continue to push falsehoods and incomplete information as fact, when the truth to date and complete picture is well established, then we have a problem. I touched on this a bit here, but Ed Morrissey […]

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Jul 18 2005

Is Syria Going To Be Next?

The Interior Minister of Iraq, Bayan Jabr, outlined Syria’s role in the insurgency during an interview in Turkey, calling on Syria to get serious with terrorists and their border. He also had some word for Jordan, but not so pointed. He said that insurgent leaders were in Syria “and I have addressees and pictures with […]

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Jul 18 2005

Italy Now Threatened By London Terrorists

The terrorist group which claimed responsibility for the London bombings and is presumably tied to Al Quaeda is not giving an ultimatum to Italy. A fundamentalist Islamic group has given Italy an ultimatum to pull its troops out of Iraq within a month or face a terrorist campaign on its territory, Italian media reported Monday. […]

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Jul 18 2005

Hamas, Terrorists Wage War On Isreal

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Hamas and the other violent terrorist groups must be considered allied and working with Al Quaeda. How else to explain the ongoing, sustained rocket attacks on Israel: Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip kept up rocket and mortar fire on Israeli targets on Monday despite Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s vow to do his utmost to […]

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