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Aug 31 2005

Mothers Reply To Sheehan

This is great. A local Northwest Paper (beautiful country) asked for comments on Cindy Sheehan from its readers. Here is what they received: My son, who is just 22 years old, is proudly serving his country as a combat medic … just a few miles north of Baghdad. He has completed half of his 18 […]

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Aug 31 2005

Sheehan Losing Her Luster

I am not surprised one bit that the political organizations on the far left are distancing themselves from Cindy Sheehan, as reported today in the Washington Times by Bill Sammon: Powerful liberal advocacy groups such as are taking a less active role in Cindy Sheehan’s anti-war activities in the wake of criticism that they […]

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Aug 29 2005

I Agree With The Anti War Left

I think this call from Helen Thomas to the Democrat leadership is 100% correct: Democrats Must Call For Pullout Voters Will Punish Opposition For Not Opposing War It’s time for the Democratic Party to take a courageous stand and call for the withdrawal of troops from the senseless war in Iraq. Helen obviously cannot add […]

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Aug 29 2005

Sheehan Loves The Limelight

Hat Tip to K-Lo at the NRO Corner for this shattering evidence of what a media made fiction the Cindy Sheehan story is: Can you say ‘staged‘? Looks just like filming for a made-for-TV movie, which of course it is! Check out LGF for the close up version America will see on the news

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Aug 25 2005

Taunting Wounded Heroes

UPDATE: Thankfully this idiotic plan by the anti-war fanatics is causing a back lash of support for the troop. Cam Edwards went to the site to join in a large counter protest to show supporting the troops should not be an issue. didn’t manage to catch it with my camera, but about 9 o’clock, a […]

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Aug 24 2005

Headless Hart

Another in a series of articles by desparate leftwing liberals hoping we surrender in Iraq before, heaven forbid, we win we have Gary Hart coming out in a nostalgic editorial about the good old days when we left Vietnam to murderous thugs because we did not fight a war to win. My generation of Democrats […]

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Aug 24 2005

Democrat Break Up

I need to keep this post short and sweet, but it is telling that the political pundits see the coming crack up of the democrats, now made nearly certain with the Cindy Sheehan bandwagon giving voice to the far left’s anti Israel, anti American rants. At RealClearPolitics today one is met with the following stories […]

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Aug 24 2005

She’s BAACK!

Saint Cindy is coming back to Crawford to save the world from the evil President Bush. OK, maybe she is just going to save the terrorists from President Bush. And try and snatch defeat from the rapidly closing jaws of success. And whine about why ‘perfect’ is the only answer and ‘good’ is insufficient for […]

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Aug 22 2005

Democrat Implosion Continues

I guess the word ‘implosion’ implies a rapid collapse, where I am using it to refer to internal pressures ready to burst the party apart. The collaps will be quick once the pressure hits a terminal level, but I guess we are not quite there yet. But getting close. Cindy Sheehan’s leftward fringe comments have […]

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Aug 22 2005

Sheehan & Co. Stealing The Dead

This is getting truly repulsive, and it seems the silent majority of families who have lost brave family members in our war on terror are starting to stand up and take back the memory of their fallen loved ones. Qualls’ frustration with the anti-war demonstrators erupted last week when he removed a cross bearing his […]

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