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Nov 17 2009

Fake Liberal Stimulus Bill Leads To Fake Jobs “Saved/Created”

I don’t have the stomach to go over the whole mess again with the fake stimulus bill the liberals crammed down our throats (along with its massive debt). I’ll let others explain: Ed Morrissey notes this great news piece in San Diego with Barbara Boxer and the ONE real job created from millions of dollars […]

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Nov 13 2009

DC Liberals Have Bankrupt America After Only One Year In Power

Ed Morrissey caught my eye with this post on October’s mind boggling deficit number: The federal government busted the budget worse than last October by $20 billion with a deficit of $176.36 billion for the month.  That used to be considered a decent deficit target … for an entire year … … It’s roughly four […]

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Oct 07 2009

Unemployment Worse Than Being Reported By News Media

[Optional Subtitle: Obama’s 1 Million ‘Saved’ Jobs Discovered? Below I think we have found Obama’s mythical 1 million ‘saved’ jobs. They are a statistical ‘adjustment’ made to the unemployment data by bureaucrats that add tens of thousands of phantom jobs to the unemployment data each month] The unemployment numbers that came out for September were […]

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Oct 02 2009

Obamanomics An Abomination

Well, here we are a little over 7 months since the faux liberal stimulus bill went into effect (2/17/09) and there has been absolutely no job stimulus. The latest unemployment numbers are out and we still see ever increasing unemployment (U3: now at a 26 year high) and underemployment (U6: reaching a staggering 17%). The […]

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