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Sep 03 2010

Democrats Had Their Chance – Muffed It

As the summer of 2010 ends, people are desperate to get back to work – but there are not enough jobs. Thanks to the Democrats lame, liberal fantasy about government-based stimulus spending, the majority of the economy that DOES NOT work for Uncle Sam is still struggling to get by. After 2 years of liberal […]

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May 07 2010

Unemployment Going Nowhere – Stimulus Bill Still A Failure

Lots of false bravado coming out on the latest jobs report for April. Yes, 290,000 jobs (mostly part time census work) were added. But the real measure of employment, the percentage of those out of work from the total work force number, is not budging and has not moved for months. Here is the unemployment […]

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Apr 14 2010

Democrats Could Face Historic Wipeout This Year

Democrats have a lot of reasons to be concerned about this fall’s elections. Mostly, the economy sucks and will continue to suck for the every day citizen for months (if not years) to come.  Unemployment is stubbornly stuck near 10%, and the weekly job reports have been running in the same narrow band of 400,000+ […]

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Apr 02 2010

The Liberal Faux Jobs Show Comes To Carolina!

Barack Obama is down in North Carolina today to put on one of those media shows for the easily duped. He is going to tout 300 mythical jobs created – which do not exist: When President Barack Obama comes to Charlotte today to tour Celgard, a battery-parts maker that has received $49 million in stimulus […]

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Mar 28 2010

Obama Administration “Focused Like A Laser” On Absolute Nonsense

One of the primary tell-tale signs that liberals are just not mentally capable of dealing in the real world is their fascination and distraction with silly feel-good ideas. In order to convince themselves they are as relevant as the real movers and shakers in the world (a group of which I am not a member) […]

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Jan 09 2010

It’s The Unemployment Rate, Stupid

[Note: All graphs can be clicked to access a larger version] Of all the green-eye-shade economic statistics, nothing touches the mood of the electorate like the unemployment numbers. After 3 decades of generally improving economic conditions, which started with Ronald Reagan and his across the board tax cuts, many people have lost touch with the […]

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Dec 17 2009

Nation’s Number Of Unemployed Still Expanding

Don’t trust statistics unless you know exactly how they were generated and what the error or uncertainty is in the number. And always question a surprise positive jump in any number when it comes from an administration in desperate need of a surprise jump in that number. Take November’s lost jobs number – it seemed […]

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Dec 03 2009

Job Summit Will Not Address Fictional Jobs “Created or Saved”

As a corollary to my previous post I must note what will also not be addressed at the WH jobs summit today – all those fictional jobs ‘created or saved’: The Obama administration claims that its $787 billion economic stimulus program has “created or saved” 640,329 jobs across the country, with more to come. That breathtaking […]

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Dec 03 2009

Jobs Summit Day: 2.4 Million New People On Emergency Unemployment Compensation

The Obama administration is going to put on a show today for America. It is going to attempt to convince us that they are doing something about the abysmal jobs situation. It will be nothing but theatre and stage craft. Since the liberal stimulus bill was passed in February 2009, the Unemployment and Underemployment situation […]

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Nov 19 2009

Economy Still Shedding Jobs

We have sadly not hit bottom on the jobs situation. This week’s jobs numbers might seem to have some green shoots to the casual (math challenged) liberal news media reporter. But the news is indeed really bad. This week the first time jobless claims did not change – did not grow and did not shrink. […]

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