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Jan 15 2010

As MA Shock Settles In, New Direction On Health Care Will Arise

I would say today is going to be an interesting day in DC. Speaker Pelosi, Senate Leader Reid and President Obama are going to be faced with a whole new world today. This new world will arise as news of the pending loss of Ted Kennedy’s senate seat (see here and here for all the […]

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Jan 11 2010

Who Has The Fire In The 2010 Elections?

The MA special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat in the US Senate is going to be a clear indicator of where the fire is for the 2010 elections. Is it with the Democrats and their far left, partisan agenda that has turned off nearly all the seniors and independents? Or is in a rising […]

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Jan 09 2010

Political Tsunami As Scott Brown Ties Race In MA Senate Special Election

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It seems the Democrats are about to be rocked to their core (according to polls from PPP) due to a win (or near loss) by relative unknown Scott Brown in Massachusetts’ special election on January 19th to fill the seat left by Ted Kennedy: Buoyed by a huge advantage with independents and relative disinterest from […]

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