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Jul 24 2008

Liberal SurrenderMedia Displays Their Ignorance Of The Military Again

The liberal SurrenderMedia was so focused on helping the Surrendercrats try and stop the war in Iraq that they ignored all the debate about The Surge and how it really is shorthand (for those simple minds that think in shallow sound bites) for counter-insurgency tactics. All through the first 6 months of the debacle that […]

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Jun 23 2008

News Organizations Conspire To Influence US Elections

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One thing the news media cannot do is conspire to help one party or one candidate win elected office over another candidate by tilting the news it provides America (and its paying customers).  One person’s bias can be seen as an anomaly, but orchestrated actions is a crime – whether coordinated with the party/candidate or […]

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Jun 21 2008

Sweet Victory In Iraq Will Derail The ’08 Democrat Juggernaut

Which force in America is bigger, broader and more powerful: Victory or Defeat? We shall learn the answer in this year’s national elections. The Democrat Party has had a running dialogue with America for years now about how we are such losers for trying to change humanity’s trajectory, why we cannot destroy the building hate […]

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