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Mar 07 2010

White House Liberals Fail To See The Big Problem – Them!

I have lived outside DC almost all of my soon to be 50 years, and I have seen each new administration come into town with dreams and expectations and then hit reality. Many make the transition, some just crash and burn. You can make change from DC, but you have to know the culture and […]

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Mar 05 2010

Perfect Political Analysis

This analysis by a Democrat speech writer on why the Democrats are imploding is spot on (OK, it is spot on with my views of what has happened). It is long, but a must read. Indeed, over the past 14 months they [Democrats] have continually been trying to jam a square political peg into a […]

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Feb 21 2010

A Waste Of Precious Time – On Dumbership

The nation has been through many tough times in its past. From the war of 1812, through the civil war and into the Great Depression and World War II, this nation has been through incredibly tough times. 9-11, the last great test of our resolve and strength, surprised even us when we emerged more united […]

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Feb 18 2010

Government Stimulus A Big Lie

Updates At End The government cannot generate economic stimulus. Being a leech that lives off the general economy it is always a drag on the economy, not a force to create rapid growth (technology investment creates long term growth potential). Sometimes a needed one to ensure things do not run out of control or people […]

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Jan 19 2010

Christmas Day Bomber & Health Care Caused MA Earthquake

After a year of Americans feeling economically vulnerable and insecure, and after the Senate made good on the liberal threat to remake all our health care policies (which 70% of us are just fine with), it is a interesting but not surprising to hear from both camps in the MA Special Election that the Christmas […]

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Jan 13 2010

Divert Stimulus $$’s To Haiti, Pay Americans To Go & Help!

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There is one thing of value to do with the massive amounts of unspent stimulus money stuck in the constipated bowels of the federal bureaucracy – spend it on Haiti. The amount of money we have left unspent on make-busy jobs is astounding. This first graph shows the amount of funds allocates to each organization […]

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Jan 09 2010

It’s The Unemployment Rate, Stupid

[Note: All graphs can be clicked to access a larger version] Of all the green-eye-shade economic statistics, nothing touches the mood of the electorate like the unemployment numbers. After 3 decades of generally improving economic conditions, which started with Ronald Reagan and his across the board tax cuts, many people have lost touch with the […]

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Jan 06 2010

Democrats Heading For The Exits, Stage Left

Update: 5 more democrats are in serious trouble, 11 months from the midterm elections: From Nevada, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid trails badly, to Arkansas, where Sen. Blanche Lincoln is polling at just 40 percent in head-to-head matchups with four possible Republican challengers, opposition to the health-care bill is reverberating. Any incumbent sitting at […]

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Dec 21 2009

‘Tis The Week Before Christmas, And The Liberal Democrat Economy Sucks!

It’s very hard to be upbeat this Christmas, what with over 10 months of failed job stimulus behind us and the promise of another 10 months of the same ahead. Because of rampant liberal madness in DC we the American people now owe extra trillion dollars, with another trillion coming this next year. We the […]

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Dec 03 2009

Job Summit Will Not Address Fictional Jobs “Created or Saved”

As a corollary to my previous post I must note what will also not be addressed at the WH jobs summit today – all those fictional jobs ‘created or saved’: The Obama administration claims that its $787 billion economic stimulus program has “created or saved” 640,329 jobs across the country, with more to come. That breathtaking […]

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