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Jan 07 2009

Dems Must Seat Senator Burris – Harry Reid Is Trashing Our Constitution

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Major Update: It seems Senate Majority Ego Reid is surrendering his unconstitutional blockade of Senator Burris. What a putz! Major Update: Even the Illinois Secretary of State agrees his signature is not legally binding against seating Senator Burris, and Harry Reid has no legal standing to bar Senator Burris. What The SoS should do, then, is […]

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Dec 21 2008

True Conservatism Is Truly Losing It, And The Nation

The ‘true conservatives’ have not only lost the Congress in 2006, and the Presidency in 2008, they are on a path to losing it all the way. They look at the loss of moderate McCain to (what now seems to be moderate) Obama and make the ridiculous claim that those evil moderates cannot win (while […]

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Nov 10 2008

Sorry Newt, No More Conservative Retreads

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Word is out Newt Gingrich and Michael Steele are vying to lead the new GOP. Gingrich leading a ‘new GOP’ is a real oxymoron. We don’t need another tired old conservative standard bearer. We need Michael Steele: A battle to take the reins of the Republican National Committee is taking off between former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former […]

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