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Jun 07 2009

A Far Right Tirade At NRO Results In Exposing An Anonymous Centrist Blogger

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When your hyped up on zealotry thinking your cause is pure, it is tough taking criticism which brings you back down to Earth with us mere mortals and all our imperfections. But at NRO (a hotbed of ‘true conservatives’ – though there are many fine exceptions) it seems the answer to biting criticism is punishment. […]

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Jun 02 2009

Center Of America Emerging From The Fevered Swamps

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I am glad to see more and more soul searching in the political chatter box regarding the extremism which has gripped both sides of the political spectrum. After the killing of  Dr. Tiller (the late term abortion doctor) and  that of Pvt William Long (the newly minted Army recruit), we are beginning to see where […]

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May 31 2009

GOP Self Destructing Over Sotomayor

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It is as I feared, the ‘true conservatives’ have no self control, no class and no business trying to lead a reborn conservative movement to oppose Obama. It is beyond their meager skills. Their over the top, childish rhetoric is the problem – they cannot form a serious thought or debate point. It is become […]

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May 27 2009

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor?

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I don’t have a lot to say about the nomination of judge Sotomayor for the Supreme Court except to voice a warning to the GOP. As Fred Grandy said this morning on his radio show, unless the GOP has some hard and clear evidence she did not interpret the law but used personal bias to […]

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