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Sep 22 2008

Another Coordinated PR Hit On Palin – And Red Necks!

To over use a Jeff Foxworthy phrase, but “I are one”. Too many urbanites think being out in the country is akin to being down a few IQ points. Funny thing is (especially here in the south) those country drawls you here are a great IQ filter in themselves. Anyone who thinks a slow southern […]

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Sep 22 2008

Palin Nails President “I’m-A-Nut-Job” Of Iran

Sadly, partisan politics poisoned a non-partisan rally against the trip to the UN (and US) by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Hillarty Clinton brought politics into the event when she bowed out on the new Sarah Palin was aligned with all the other sane people against Iran and its violent intentions. Then the DNC threatened the event financially – […]

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Sep 19 2008

ABC News Smoking Gun A Dud

ABC News thinks they have found a smoking gun in the troopergate fiasco where Democrats are siding with a drunk trooper who tasered his step son and threatened to kill Governor Palin’s father. None of that matters to the Obamanation Media. Their evidence is a joke – made even more so by they leaps of […]

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Sep 17 2008

VP Candidate Palin: Corruption Addicted To OPM

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Sarah Palin did very well tonight in the Sean Hannity interview (and the bitter liberal response hosted by sour puss Alan Colmes was a disaster). My absolutely most favorite line was when Sarah said too many people are “addicted to OPM: Other People’s Money”.  In one catch all phrase she distilled down the anger and […]

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Sep 17 2008

Palin’s Email Traffic With Osama Bin Laden – Updated

The Illegal invasion of Governor Sarah Palin’s privacy by a bunch of low-life cyber criminals is an interesting test of moral character for the liberal media and politicians. Clearly, for the “anything to win” left, the invasion of privacy AND the publication of private information to the world is seen as a crowning victory for the […]

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Sep 16 2008

Two States To Watch For Election Direction – Updated

Ever since the GOP convention and the selection of Governor Sarah Palin for the VP slot there have been numerous polls showing a pro McCain-Palin wave of various levels and duration across the nation. I have posted on these over the past few days (see below for links). What is clear is deep blue states […]

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Sep 15 2008

More On The Building Palin Wave – Updated!

Some more poll news out today on the rising Palin wave amongst the electorate.  In Ohio Palin is deemed to be the candidate, among the top four, Americans most identify with (watch those attacks libs, you are insulting the electorate!): A factor in the GOP boost is that more respondents, 31%, identified Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as […]

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Sep 11 2008

Alan Colmes Slams Palin As Only “Beauty Queen”

Tonight on Hannity and Colmes Alan Colmes fell back into the hateful trap all liberals find themselves in as they try to slam Paling and defend Obama. I don’t have exact quotes, but hopefully this will hit YouTube. It all started when Colmes claimed the GOP was ridiculing Obama’s community service (why do they go […]

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Sep 11 2008

Obama: Palin Is Just Another Pretty Face, Not A Pig

Obama really is pretty clueless. Instead of hinting that Governor Sarah Palin is a pig with lipstick, he goes on Letterman and calls her just another pretty face – insinuating she has no brains, views or political force of her own: Obama: “It does. But keep in mind that, technically, had I meant it that […]

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Sep 10 2008

23,000 Strong in Fairfax, VA!

Caveat: I’m a techie type not a writer, so bear with me. DJStrata and I have just returned from an event I’ll never forget.  Just to set the record straight, there was no rock band. There was a country guitarist without his normal bandmates, who asked us to clap since he didn’t have his drummer with […]

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