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Oct 10 2009

Liberal Fawning For World Acceptance Is Pathetic

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The Nobel Peace Prize committee may have just screwed up in reverse – big time. America has a unique history in the world. It is made up of people who fled tyranny and oppression from cruel, bored and (let’s face it) not so bright elites. The past time of the ‘not so bright’ elite is […]

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Apr 11 2009

Far Right Jumps The Shark – Updated

Update: If the Tea Party movement is being lost to the far right we will have lost a real opportunity to challenge the liberals. Key statment: If this is any indication of who’s trying to run the show, count me out. It’s hard enough being a conservative without this kind of baggage. Make sure to follow […]

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Mar 05 2009

Obama Is No Reagan

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DJ Drummond makes an excellent point today regarding Presidents who have had to deal with inherited recessions: Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama each inherited a recession when they came to office. That’s not unusual, though – Presidents Kennedy, Ford, and Bush also inherited recessions when they arrived at the White House, and in fact Presidents […]

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Feb 27 2009

Is The Left Trying To Kill Reaganism?

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I don’t recall Obama nor the democrats running on a platform to kill Reaganism? Reagan is one of this nation’s most beloved and respected Presidents. He made us feel good about ourselves and broke us out from the darkness of  government dependency and brought us into the light of self responsibility and achievement. He reminded […]

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