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Mar 28 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Obama Administration

Update: Even WaPo determines Obama’s decision to win Afghanistan is a gutsy continuation of the Bush policies. – end update President Obama has demonstrated two things in his first few months. First (and worst), he has demonstrated how truly inexperienced and unprepared he and his team truly were. But second (and most unexpected), President Obama […]

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Mar 03 2009

Interesting Developments In Pakistan

The news last week, which had me a bit disturbed initially, was that Taliban forces in the Tribal Areas of Pakistan had set aside their differences and joined forces: Three rival Pakistani Taliban groups have agreed to form a united front against international forces in Afghanistan in a move likely to intensify the insurgency just as thousands […]

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Feb 17 2009

Can Biology Find Bin Laden?

  An interesting bit of news has come out on the hunt for Bin Laden. Some researchers at UCLA decided to apply some statistical models to the problem of determining where Bin Laden may be hiding out, and have concluded he may be hiding in one of three possible buildings in a large town near […]

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Feb 17 2009

Pakistan Surrenders To Taliban, Is The World Surrendering To Islamo Fascism?

The Brave New World of President Obama has some disturbing trends to it. The worst is the attempt to go back to a pre 9-11 delusional state that a violently oppressive form of religion can co-exist with modern, open, western societies. We humans spent the 1990’s pretending that blood lusting jihadis in Afghanistan and Pakistan […]

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Feb 16 2009

Are We Heading Towards An Isamo Fascist World War?

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I have been conflicted with the administration’s plans to open talks with Iran. I am well aware Iran could be just playing team Obama as dupes, buying time to obtain nuclear weapons so they can roll the world on their terms. I am also aware of the fact we cannot negotiate alternative scenarios without actually […]

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Feb 16 2009

Another Predator Strike In Tribal Pakistan

We’ve had another predator strike in Pakistan, as the Pak’s negotiate a deal with religious extremists to allow them to impose Sharia law on what once was a western tourist mecca: Pakistan agreed on Monday to restore strict Islamist law in the Swat valley to pacify a revolt by Taliban militants, and a suspected U.S. […]

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Feb 15 2009

US Drones Take Out al Qaeda And Taliban

  US forces – now known to operate out of Pakistan thanks to a big mouthed US Senator – have  successfully targeted a large group of al Qaeda and Taliban militants: A US missile strike killed 32 people, most of them Uzbek nationals in South Waziristan on Saturday.  According to sources, US drone planes fired […]

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Feb 13 2009

Democrat Senator Discloses Location Of Secret US Forces

Damn these Klieg-Light attracted politicians who run their damn mouths. A democrat Senator has just exposed some of our forces to direct attack by indicating – IN PUBLIC – where they are launching the fight against al Qaeda: A senior U.S. lawmaker said Thursday that unmanned CIAPredator aircraft operating in Pakistan are flown from an airbase […]

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Feb 08 2009

Team Obama Broadcasts Intelligence Plans To Terrorists!

Is there no end to the stupidity the new administration will demonstrate to the world? One thing no one would argue is that President George W Bush kept this country safe. And his team did so by quietly – well outside the limelight – chasing down our enemies and disrupting their plans. He did this […]

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Feb 06 2009

George Bush Left Pakistan/Afghanistan Very Winnable

There are indications that President Bush not only left Iraq a success Obama simply needs to finalize safely, but he also left al Qaeda – hold up in Pakistan hiding – on the brink of destruction as well: After one of the latest U.S. Predator attacks in North Waziristan, a Taliban subcommander visited the site. He’s seen […]

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