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Jan 02 2009

Will Obama Continue To Attack Our Enemies Hiding In Pakistan’s Lawless Tribal Region?

One of my biggest questions regarding Obama’s incoming presidency is whether he will continue the pressure and attacks on the remnant Taliban and al Qaeda forces hold up in Pakistan’s lawless tribal regions, specifically the FATA agencies of North Waziristan, South Waziristan and Bajaur (see map above, click for larger image). In recent months the […]

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Nov 23 2008

Got Us A Big Name Terrorist In Pakistan!

In these last days of the Bush presidency it is no surprise President Bush is going all out to kill as many known, high valued terrorists as he can before the pacifist Dems take control. The good news is the efforts are paying off as the US is now launching regular attacks on terrorist hideouts […]

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Sep 04 2008

A Fourth Missile Attack On Terrorists In Pak Tribal Areas

I think this is the 4th missile strike at a Taliban/al-Qaeda safe house in the last few weeks, second against targets in North Waziristan: Agencies add: A suspected US drone fired missiles at house in North Waziristan on Thursday, killing five militants and injuring another four a day after US commandos killed 20 people in […]

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Sep 01 2008

Second Missile Strike On al-Qaeda In Pakistan In Two Days

There has been a second missile strike into the Pakistan Tribal areas thought to be where the remnants of al-Qaeda are hiding out in their last sanctuary on Earth. It is the second missile strike in two days in Pakistani tribal region and the local tribesmen said the missile was fired from a U.S drone. […]

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Aug 17 2008

Updates From FATA 08_17_08

Some brief updates in the war raging in Pakistan’s Tribal Regions. It seems the main city of Kahr in the Bajaur Agency has been mostly cleansed of the terrorists since the government is asking people to return and take up residence in their homes so they cannot be used by terrorists: As security forces continued […]

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