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Mar 02 2009

GOP Still Imploding As Limbaugh Attacks Lesser Conservatives

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You don’t have to be foaming at the mouth mad to be a solid conservative willing to fight. I fight the knuckleheads left and right every day. I am sick with overly simplistic rhetoric supported by fear mongering and demagoguery. For some reason conservatives have decided vapid emotion is better than rallying strategy. Up until recently […]

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Jan 31 2009

Moderate Man Of Steele Takes RNC Helm, New GOP Emerging

  There is hope for the GOP, it has turned another corner and is back on a positive track. The GOP has begun the necessary process of ‘purifying’ itself from the unreliable far right (or ‘true conservatives’) who spend more time insulting fellow conservatives who don’t toe their line than making conservative progress in manageable […]

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Aug 19 2008

Wild Card McCain VP Candidates

If John McCain wants to neutralize Barrack Obama’s appeal and reach out to social conservatives the best selection out there is former Oklahoma Congressman JC Watts. JC Watts is one of the most articulate members of the conservative coalition, and he is a stalwart social conservative. He reminds me a lot of George W Bush. […]

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