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Jul 30 2008

Record Setting Month Of Security In Iraq

July 2008 is going to shatter all previous records for peace and security in Iraq if the standard statistics for violence in that country hold through tomorrow. As of today the previous record low levels for US and Allied troop deaths in Iraq has been 19 in May 2008 and 20 in February 2004. July […]

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Jul 28 2008

I Am Stunned – AP Announces US Victory In Iraq

I saw this over at Gateway Pundit and nearly fell off my chair. Again I will have to violate my ban on AP simply because this is just a stunning report (You may need to wait for it to load – seems to be a very popular video): “But it is beginning to look more […]

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Jul 22 2008

America Starting To Believe In Victory In Iraq

I meant to post this a few days ago, but a Rassmussen tracking poll question on who is winning in Iraq has seen huge reversals since last year, when the SurrderMedia and Surrendercrats in Congress were promising certain defeat: Nearly half of Americans (48%) now believe the United States and its allies are winning the […]

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Jul 09 2008

Obama’s Liberal Base Is Turning On Him – Creating An Opening For Convention Coup

Updates Below! A couple of weeks ago I realized Obama probably cannot win in November because the gulf between is radical base and the rest of America is too big to bridge. My premise was this: The calculus required for Obama to win enough votes against John McCain appears to be based on fantasy math. […]

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