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Sep 19 2016

Political Elites Are The Truly “Nonredeemable Deplorables”

I think it is time America shoved a mirror into the faces of the Deplorable and Nonredeemable Political Elites. Beginning with Juan Williams and his hate-filled screed: She called out the haters, the bigots and the racists as a “basket of deplorables.” … So, I see a lot of deplorable behavior. But some political thought-leaders […]

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May 27 2016

A Distant Thunder In The Electorate

Back in 2014 I could feel the mood of the country and how it was poised to reject the Democrats and sweep them out of office. I saw evidence of the tsunami coming in voting trends in the primaries and early voting totals (see here for my analysis). It proved to be a historic election […]

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Sep 05 2008

Obama Realizes Too Late The Importance Of Women

I have been admiring McCain’s political chess game with Obama over the past few weeks. He has Barack running in circles and goads him in one direction while blocking off another, it is masterful. Remember all the rumors of a big McCain ad coming out on the day of Obama’s speech and all the angst […]

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