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Sep 22 2008

Poll Prediction: Today Gallup Will Show A Tanking Obama

  Major Update – I was wrong, Obama holding at +4.  My timing could be off, but I doubt it.  Cheers, AJStrata Gallup showed a resurgent Obama over the past few days shooting out to a 6 point lead on Saturday, 50-44%. Yesterday, though, that lead dropped two points (or 30%). All during this period […]

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Jul 28 2008

Predicting Another “Dead Cat Bounce” For The Messiah – Updated

I get the feeling Obama’s small bump in the Gallup Daily Tracking poll will not last the week. I have been watching both the Gallup and Rasmussen daily polls to see how sensitive each is to the weekly news blitz. They each use very different polling methods, but over time track closely to each other. […]

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Jun 26 2008

The Messiah Sinks

I know there are some polls out there with some heavy tilt towards Barack Obama, but I tend to watch Gallup which has been running a daily tracking poll for weeks now on the Presidential race and is showing just the opposite: The reason Gallup is an interesting poll is it samples one of the […]

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