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Oct 23 2016

Florida Early Voting Data Shows GOP Ahead Of 2012, Part 2

My previous post is here. In Obama’s 2012 reelection the Democrats produced more “early voting” ballots in Florida than the GOP did (obviously these are not votes for a candidate, but simply ballots by party ID). They led the GOP by 3% last cycle. Florida [2012] Votes: 4.3 million Democrats: 43% Republicans: 40% That edge […]

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May 17 2009

Crist To Save GOP

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Well, game on it seems in for the heart and soul of the conservative movement and GOP party. We have a choice on whether there should be a centrist, sane and effective opposition to the liberal Democratic policies in DC that are destroying our country’s economic system. A centrist coalition which can support our President […]

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Nov 04 2008

Great News For McCain! – Maybe Not

PA too close to call – McCain is very much alive. What worries me is FL and IN. Would like to see those go McCain. Update: Some networks called PA based on exit polls alone – but Fox News notes there are ZERO election results to make any assessment. It is now up to our […]

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Oct 30 2008

Huge Democrat Turn Out In Florida Turns Into Huge McCain-Palin Gains – UPDATED!

Update: For those interested in an expert opinion on early voting and polling drop by DJ Drummond today – end update If early voting in Florida is any indication what will happen across this country come next Tuesday (and there is little reason to assume it will be some crazy outlier well outside the norm) […]

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