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Mar 21 2009

It’s Not The Bonuses, Its The Cover Up And The Fact Dems In Congress Sent The Mob After Law Abiding Citizens When It Was Really All Their Fault

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The AIG bonus problem is not the only way our hard earned tax dollars went to line the pockets of ridiculously wealthy and overpaid people on Wall Street (honestly, doctors should make more simply because a life is more precious than a dividend). The real problem is that Congress and the Dems put in place risky policies, […]

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Mar 10 2009

We Can “Change” Course

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  Words of wisdom from the very liberal Jim Cramer: It’s time to get serious. It’s time to take the issue from the pundits and from the left and right, and put it where it belongs: serious non-ideological debate to put out the real firestorm, the collapse of the economy from Wall Street to Main Street and […]

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Nov 09 2008

Do-Nothing Congressional Dems Plan To … Do Nothing!

Well, its looks like the Congressional Democrats are not ready to lead next year, but ready to duck and run for cover. They clearly are realizing their ideas only would cause damage to this country (which is what conservatives warned all through the election): After moving quickly with an economic stimulus plan that includes cutting […]

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