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Jul 09 2014

Obama’s Immigration/Border Madness

Man, has President Obama checked out or what! Not only is Obama having his Katrina moment, unlike President Bush (who did not cause the Hurricane that hit the Gulf Coast of America) Obama has created a nuclear version of the moment. The border crisis is his. But now he isĀ  trying to pretend no one […]

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Jul 17 2008

Time To Take The Battle To The Terrorists – Again

War can seem quite acceptable, from a distance. That was the problem leading up to 9-11, the Islamo Fascists saw war with America as some sort of romantic return to a heroic past. The idea of Jihad was becoming very popular and excitement built as the more pure, more righteous Islamist Fighters took on The […]

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Jul 16 2008

Afghanistan-Pakistan Border Battles Begin

Yesterday I noted reports of US and NATO forces heading towards the Afghanistan-Pakistan border bringing tanks, artillery and attack helicopters with them. This movement of US, NATO and Afghan forces to the border with Pakistan brought the rats out of the Pakistan Tribal Areas to attack the infidels – and of course the rats are […]

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