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Sep 24 2009

Terrorism Dots, Dots, Dots

Anyone not see a pattern here?  First, Najibullah Zazi is indicted in a WMD bomb plot in New York regarding a conspiracy to execute another 9-11 on this nation in line to the London and Madrid bombings. Then the FBI arrests a man in Illinois in an attempt to bomb a federal building: An Illinois […]

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Apr 20 2009

Marine Arrested With Bomb Making Materials, Semi-Automatic, Hundreds Of Rounds

As the proud father of a Marine this breaking news is extremely disturbing: A North Carolina-based US Marine was arrested at Logan Airport yesterday after federal transportation screeners discovered an undeclared semiautomatic weapon, ammunition, and bomb-making materials in his checked baggage, authorities said. … TSA screeners in Terminal B at Logan called State Police at […]

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