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Mar 28 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of The Obama Administration

Update: Even WaPo determines Obama’s decision to win Afghanistan is a gutsy continuation of the Bush policies. – end update President Obama has demonstrated two things in his first few months. First (and worst), he has demonstrated how truly inexperienced and unprepared he and his team truly were. But second (and most unexpected), President Obama […]

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Oct 27 2008

Palin Verses Obama In Northern Virginia Shows Tight Race

Last week Senator Obama came to Northern Virginia – Leesburg to be exact. There he pulled a crowd of 10,000 people (though almost half left before he was even done speaking?). Today Governor Sarah Palin came to Leesburg, VA and also pulled a crowd of 10,000 people. A picture of the event this cold autumn […]

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Sep 26 2008

Kathleen Parker Is An Embarrassment

Kathleen Parker is a whining embarrasment to the GOP.  She is wringing her hands because an average American, Sarah Palin, is poised to become part of the leadership of this country. Her solution, demand Palin to step down becuase Ms Parker, Goddess of all Knowledge, is embarrased. Well Ms Parker is a joke and an […]

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Jun 23 2008

NASA Scientist Lies About His Faulty Climate Predictions

NASA “Scientists”, media whore and alarmist Hansen is out again screaming “the sky is falling” because of Global Warming, and more importantly crowing about his prediction 20 years ago – which never came true! Here is Hansen discussing everything about the Church of Al Gore – except the fact the IPCC predictions from 18 years ago never […]

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