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Sep 14 2010

Democrats Privately Surrender Congress 2010

No surprise here – given that the House is gone and the Senate is 2 races from being gone (out of 13 in play): In my experience, ‘the big-time Democrat’ has hardly ever been wrong. He does not dislike President Obama. On the contrary, like most big-time Democrats, he worked hard for his election in […]

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Sep 14 2010

CT Senate Heads Towards Toss Up

The anti ‘big government’, anti ‘party of big government’ tsunami is still rising as we come ashore to this fall’s elections. This year we saw a huge lead disappear in WV’s open senate seat. We saw long time Democrat incumbents in CA, WI, WA and NV all slip into trouble – all now fighting for […]

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Sep 10 2010

Nation Itching To Dump Dems Come November

Updates Below! While Gallup’s generic ballot poll bounced ten points in favor of the Dems over the labor day weekend (note the connection between a long weekend and one strange poll result) a slew of other polls came out that showed an enormous lead for the GOP in this fall’s elections. As I predicted on […]

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Sep 08 2010

White House Finally Awakes From Fantasyland

It has been a long time since President Obama promised in 2009 that: … this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless; this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal; this was the […]

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Sep 07 2010

Numerous Polls Predict Huge GOP Gains This November

The first polls of the election season are coming in and the numbers are so bad it might be a good idea to put the left on suicide watch. No one living has ever seen the types of numbers we are seeing in the polls for the midterms (though no one should be surprised by […]

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Sep 06 2010

80% Of American’s Not Happy With Democrats’ Economy

Update: CNN has the GOP +7 (52-45) in their generic congressional poll, Rasmussen has the GOP +12% (48-36). From the CNN poll: Republicans also have a large and growing advantage among independents. Sixty-two percent of independents questioned say they would vote for the generic Republican in their district, with three in 10 saying they’d cast […]

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Sep 04 2010

The 3 Most Important Races Of This Year – Where To Focus Our Energies

I noted yesterday that the the anti ‘big government’ wave building in the country was about to make control of the senate hinge on 4 senate races: WI, WA, IL & CA. Right on queue, Jonathan Martin at Politico comes out with a nearly identical assessment: Control of the U.S. Senate increasingly appears to hang […]

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Sep 03 2010

Wild Polls, Some Predictions

MA may be ready to turn further right as Duval Patrick’s over GOP contender Baker for Governor is now down to 2% in the latest Rasmussen poll! And what is going on in the NY Senate race? Quinnipiac has a slew of polls out for the Gildabrand race and it shows her now at 43-45%? […]

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Sep 03 2010

Democrats Had Their Chance – Muffed It

As the summer of 2010 ends, people are desperate to get back to work – but there are not enough jobs. Thanks to the Democrats lame, liberal fantasy about government-based stimulus spending, the majority of the economy that DOES NOT work for Uncle Sam is still struggling to get by. After 2 years of liberal […]

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Sep 02 2010

House Shifting Right

If you look at all the new house polls out today, and then check were each race sits on the RCP spectrum, we see that RCP is going to be moving the house very much towards the GOP sometime today or tomorrow, once all those polls are processed. Looks like AZ1, AZ5, CO3, will go […]

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