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Mar 06 2012

Will Virginia Upset GOP Race Using Ron Paul?

Virginia is participating in the GOP Super Tuesday voting today. And as a long term native of this great commonwealth, I hear rumblings of a mini protest vote in the works. The VA GOP screwed up again and somehow we only have Romney and Paul on the ballot. But that provides some interesting options to […]

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Mar 06 2012

Obligatory Rush/Fluke Post

Rush Limbaugh has taken the circular firing squad to new levels: he went into straight implode mode, and took the GOP with him. Let’s be clear here: Rush Limbaugh was wrong, arrogant and cruel. He deserves the financial reminder that his success is not a license to hurt others. I have no sympathy for the […]

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Mar 04 2012

Why Global Warming Alarmists Must Cheat, Steal & Lie

The recent incident where a top global warming alarmists admitted to identity theft and wire fraud (and soon will most likely be found guilty of creating a fraudulent documents) is the latest in a chain of false information and outright lies promulgated by the debunked Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (C-AGW) community (e.g., the United Nations […]

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