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Jul 26 2010

Media Discovers War In Afghanistan

So far what I have read on the leaked Afghan reports indicates there is a lot of ‘nothing’ there, except a detailed listing of how information flows from the field in times of war. The Washington Post is painfully muted in its declarations: One report from the spring of 2007 refers to witnesses who saw […]

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Jul 26 2010

Stuck On Stupid: Oliver Stone

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Oliver Stone epitomizes modern ‘thinking’ on the left. He is borderline insane and completely without a soul. As the man has aged his dark heart continues to come out if its shriveled, little hiding place – to make pronouncements such as this: Director Oliver Stone belittled the Holocaust during a shocking interview with the Sunday Times […]

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Jul 23 2010

75% Of Americans Reject Liberal/Progressive Economic Policies

Can government save or fix the economy? Or do the busy-bodies in DC do more harm than good? Folks, that is the primary question for this year’s election, and of the decade to come. Democrats have been on a mad, far-left spending spree for two years now, one which is threatening to bankrupt generations to […]

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Jul 23 2010

Alarm Bells Ring In 40 Democrat House Seats, Veil Of Denial Ripped Away

(Select the image to review some of Baghdad Bob’s classic claims) Despite all the delusional and misleading denials by DC Democrats regarding their chances this coming election (especially that schtick by “Beltway Biden” this last week on ABC News), the reality of the Democrats’ situations is clear when you focus on where they are spending […]

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Jul 22 2010

You Can’t Manufacture Credibility & Respect

The democrat party, as a whole, is learning a harsh lesson these days. Where they naively thought success was measured by the amount of crap produced, they are now learning that the quality or success of their labors is the greater measure by far. If they could do one thing well they would be on […]

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Jul 21 2010

The Anti-Liberal Tsunami Heading For The November Elections

Each district and state has a unique demographic makeup. That is why Massachusetts has been  one of the bluest (Dem) states in federal office elections, Texas has been one of the reddest (GOP) and Virginia (my home state) has been trending from red-purple to blue-purple. At least until 2009 when everything changed, and changed big. […]

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Jul 20 2010

Health Care At Gunpoint

The more we learn about Obamacare, the scarier it becomes for all of us. Before we get into the latest round of disturbing revelations I want to echo something Ezra Klein posted the other day. This is the scariest jobs graph you will ever see: What it shows is how long it will take to […]

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Jul 19 2010

When Denial And Propaganda Fail – Reality Strikes!

I have been saying since the NJ & VA blow out elections for governor in 2009 the Dems were in deep trouble for 2010. In fact, I predicted that the parameters of the stimulus bill rushed through congress in February 2009 would be the foundation of dramatic democratic failures in 2010. Here is what I […]

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Jul 16 2010

The ‘Transparent’ Administration

When the country heard the word ‘transparent’ coming out of the inexperienced young senator from Illinois during the presidential campaign season of 2008, they rightfully assumed it meant there would be no more back room deals, special interest favors, bribes or kickbacks.  Well, apparently what the audacious and arrogant candidate meant was he would be […]

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Jul 15 2010

Politico Makes The Case For Dismantling The Federal Beast

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Busy bodies live to run other people’s lives. They live to pretend their nitpicking nags about how we do things makes them somehow related to those things we accomplish. The talking head journalist is the epitome of ‘the watcher’ versus ‘the doer’.  These people regurgitate to others the successes or achievements of others, most times […]

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