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Nov 07 2008

The War Against Islamo Fascists Grinds On

For now, in the waning months of the Bush administration, the war against Islamo Fascism is still being waged full force in Iraq, Afghanistan and in Pakistan. Given the fact the liberal doves will be calling for full retreat in the coming months from many of these battlefields (thankfully Iraq was won before the Surrendercrats could […]

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Nov 07 2008

Spread The Wealth? What Wealth?

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  It seems Wall Street has signaled its feelings about liberal control of all three branches of government with more shedding of our wealth as the financial markets continue their plunge. As we all know the mortgage crisis was created by the naive liberal concept of “spreading the housing market” to those who were high […]

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Nov 06 2008

How To Lose Support And Elections

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This was to be a post on how Liberals could turn 2008 into 1992 (or worse, 1928) by proceeding down policy paths sure to get them booted from power in 2 years. But before I get into the checklist of things to watch for over the next two years, I cannot help but note the […]

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Nov 05 2008

Patience Folks, I Have Not Surrendered

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Folks, I will be out in the coming days with a check list of things that Democrats cannot afford to do if they want to avoid another 1994. We all need time to absorb this election – do not fear! There is still a strong place for Conservatism In America, and a lot of things […]

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Nov 05 2008

Congratulations To African Americans!

I have to admit to feeling a lot of pride on the election of our first African American – hopefully from now on we can drop the “African” part since it is clear how Americans feel about race. I have the honor of coming from the first state to elect an African American Governor (VA-Douglas […]

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Nov 05 2008

Nattering Negativity Vs. A New Beginning

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Well, listening to conservative talk radio this morning I found the only one tolerable was Bill Bennett. Laura and Chris Plante and others were screaming the doom and gloom again this morning. Look, I did not support Obama and I can run a million scary scenarios of what will happen through my head. But I […]

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Nov 05 2008

The Day After

It looks like the state polls were more accurate than I had hoped (which brings me to my retirement as a cynic on polls). Drudge has the national popular vote tally as: OBAMA: 59,524,759 MCCAIN: 53,553,241 I am sure this is not a complete tally, there were a lot of close states, but it is […]

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Nov 04 2008

Carter/Clinton 2.0 – Welcome President Elect Obama

VA is being called for Obama (and so soon will be Florida). Tomorrow I will look at the final number, but what I see tonight is a much tighter national race than many polls predicted, but more accurate state polls. In any event, welcome President-elect Obama. Do well for America these coming four years – […]

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Nov 04 2008

New Mexico/Ohio Death Blow?

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Fox called NM for Obama, which is pretty much it for McCain unless PA or WI or some blue state turns around. A lot of states are being called on a combination of polls, exit polls and minimal early returns. I am not keen on these polls, but their math is detailed and could be […]

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Nov 04 2008

Great News For McCain! – Maybe Not

PA too close to call – McCain is very much alive. What worries me is FL and IN. Would like to see those go McCain. Update: Some networks called PA based on exit polls alone – but Fox News notes there are ZERO election results to make any assessment. It is now up to our […]

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