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Aug 27 2007

9-11 Anniversary Showdown Over Iraq

The showdown over Iraq, to be held in the OK Corral of Congress, is going to happen right near the anniversary of 9-11. And my prediction is it will be a huge dud, primarily because the Surrendercrats in Congress and the SurrenderMedia are out on a limb and the progress we have seen is going […]

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Aug 27 2007

So Much For The Mad Putin Theory

So here is the thumbnail sketch of what has been happening in Russia. As the Soviet Union falls a small group of Oligarchs make deals with Yeltsin’s fledgling democracy to keep things in some kind of order why they steal off all the money and resources. The economy tanks and the old Soviet Union is […]

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Aug 27 2007

The Lynching Of Gonzales

I heard the news this morning that US Attorney General Roberto Gonzales has resigned: The first Hispanic to hold the job, Gonzales will step down on Sept. 17. In a brief statement, he called his 13 years in public service a “remarkable journey,” but he gave no explanation about why he chose to resign now […]

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Aug 26 2007

AJStrata Once Again Vindicated On FISA-NSA Issue

I have a long post below on the political implications of the recent FISA-NSA debate based on a wondefully candid interview by the El Paso Times with Mike McConnell, National Intelligence Director. But in this interview McConnell makes some statements which vindicate what I have been saying all along about the NSA-FISA dustup the NY […]

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Aug 26 2007

Democrats Finally Realize Self Preservation Includes Protecting America

The liberal movement, mad from having to exist under two terms of President Bush, succumbed to their madness in two very dangerous ways. First, and borderline traitorous, was the exposure of our NSA surveillance program and how information regarding contacts between terrorists overseas and people here in the US that had once been thrown out […]

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Aug 26 2007

Hitchens In The Ditch

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The last two presidential terms have seen the complete disruption and dissolution of ‘political conventional wisdom’. It saw the end of the Democrats decades long hold on power when a Democrat Congress went down in flames under a naive Democrat President. We saw a GOP lose its mind in trying to impeach said Democrat President […]

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Aug 24 2007

Light Posting

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As folks probably can tell I am swamped with meetings and travel at the moment. The situation will not be improving for much of today. Hope everyone has a great day!

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Aug 24 2007

The Battle For Islam Is At Hand

As we saw al-Qaeda being rejected across Iraq by the local Iraqis, al-Qaeda decided to turn to bombing, kiling and maiming innocent Muslims to try and re-establish authority in regions where they once had support. They did not trying to gain support or demonstrate a better option, they tried to exert control through the jackboot […]

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Aug 22 2007

CIA Screw Ups Were Really FISA Blinders

Why did key CIA people like Plame/Wilson (Plame was head of the IC Iraq Task Force) and a list of others come out over the past few years to the media to tarnish the Administration with stories of CIA torture, CIA prisons, NSA snooping and forged uranium trade documents? Seems they were trying to compensate […]

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Aug 21 2007

Hypocritical US Congress

What is the latest foolishness out of our defunk and impotent Congress? The US Congress, which has not been able to accomplish much at all (except grudgingly and with great wailing fixing the mess of FISA so we can detect potential attacks by monitoring our enemies overseas), is now lambasting the Iraqi Parliament for being […]

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