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Jun 27 2007

Democrats Plan To Repeat Failed Iraq Policy

I have posted many times on the suicidal idiocy of pulling our troops out of Iraq and giving al Qaeda a huge PR victory over the US which would inflame the Muslim communities for decades to come to. The Surrendercrats, as I like to call them, want to stop having to deal with Iraq. Especially […]

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Jun 26 2007

Closing Down Comments?

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OK folks, the comments section of this blog is being underused by serious commenters and fouled by people who whine about insults as they fling them left and right. Sadly, the comments section is losing it purpose for me – the owner of this little old site. So I put it to a vote. Keep […]

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Jun 26 2007

Humanity Becoming Immune To Alarmists

The world is getting fed up with hyperventilating on all sides of the political spectrum. An interesting case in point is people are not buying the man-made global warming ‘end of the world” theories: ALMOST three quarters of people believe global warming is a ‘natural occurrence’ and not a result of carbon emissions, a survey […]

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Jun 26 2007

GOP Meltdown

I was not going to do this again, go into the fevered swamps of the Amnesty Hypochondriacs and expose some of the anger that is destroying the GOP. But of course it is necessary to expose what too many who oppose the immigration bill believe about America and Americans on this subject: Post the list […]

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Jun 26 2007

Live Blogging The Immigration Vote – It Passes!

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Updates Below (roll call) Right now the Senate is voting on a bill covering some kind of legislation on unions. Following this vote will be the vote on Immigration. America is at a cross roads, as is the GOP. The far right has put a lot of emotion and anger into this issue. It has […]

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Jun 26 2007

House GOP: We Don’t Know What It Is, But We Oppose It

Let’s not assume sanity will reign over the GOP anytime soon when it comes to immigration. The amnesty hypochondriac wing of the GOP is still pumped up on panic, as we can tell from this telling House GOP statement: House Republicans disapprove of the Senate immigration bill that is expected to go back to the […]

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Jun 26 2007

Provisional Legal Status Spooks Hypochondriacs

As we are set to see if this country will finally take actions (imperfect and incomplete as all actions are when legislated) I find the shrillnes from the hypochondriacs this day laughable. A series of hypochondriac myths are falling to reality and it is just sometimes pathetically funny to watch. We had the fence BS […]

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Jun 26 2007

Border Fence Still On Track

Another amnesty hypochondria myth is being debunked: If the effort to catch people illegally crossing the border here in the southern Arizona desert is a cat-and-mouse struggle, the Homeland Security Department says it has a smarter cat. It comes in the form of nine nearly 100-foot-tall towers with radar, high-definition cameras and other equipment rising […]

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Jun 26 2007

Immigration Issue Forces One Republican Out

I think we will see way too much of this as a result of the harshness that has surrounded the immigration bill: State Rep. Paul Froehlich, a Schaumburg Republican, said he’s changing political parties and becoming a Democrat. “After being in the minority for five years, with no prospects of that changing, I think I […]

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Jun 26 2007

Immigration Bill Cloture Vote Tally

Apparently the Immigration Bill is within striking distance of passing the Cloture vote of 60. One estimate has the opposition now at 32 votes (with enough undecideds to make this interesting). The panicky amnesty hypochondriacs are going to be in full froth until the vote at 11:30 or so this morning. They can’t wait to […]

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