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Mar 28 2006

Leopold Plame Dreaming About Rove & Hadley?

** Update: Clarice Feldman thought I gave this story more credit than it was due, so if she was confused on my feelings it is clear I need to clarify.  The story seems to be all propaganda.  The only thing that gives it any credibility is the fact is this would be the kind of […]

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Mar 27 2006

Amnesty Over Mass Deportation Any Day!

** Update: More good thoughts on supporting workers, not handing out citizenship, at American Thinker. ** Update: Seems I will have my choice after all: The Senate Judiciary Committee last night approved a plan that would put millions of illegal aliens on a path to U.S. citizenship, would let them stay here while applying and […]

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Mar 27 2006

FISA Court Replaces Judge

When Judge Robertson quit the FIS Court last fall and became part of the NY Times leak of the NSA Terrorist Surveillance Program, many people claimed the judge left in protest. Well, Robertson supposedly said is he left because the NSA leads where being used to request FISA warrants on possible terrorist in the country: […]

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Mar 27 2006

The Joys Of Life

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On March 11th I posted on the how great a day we had when one of the twins learned to ride a two wheeler. Well Saturday the other twin took to the streets as she too learned the fun of riding a bike. It still amazes me how fast it happens, in the span of […]

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Mar 27 2006

Goodbye Freedom of Speech, to Protest and From Warrantless Searches

I like Junkyard Blog a lot – so it pains me to point out this idea of rounding up illegals because immigrants protest is just the kind of unconstitutional hysteria I was saying we can do without in this country: Here’s an idea. The next time they have one of these big rallies, send in […]

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Mar 27 2006

Why The Surprise? Moussaoui Was A 9-11 Terrorist.

I guess I am either numb to news there are terrorists or just too much of a news junky – but we all know the number of terrorists per plane on 9-11 did not appear to be a complete compliment, and that Moussaoui fit the description and had the information on his computer that easily […]

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Mar 27 2006

RINOs Sited!

The Raging RINOs have been sited over at Cold Hearted Truth doing their ‘thang’! Make sure to check out what all the ruckus is about.

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Mar 27 2006

Wilson & Fitzgerald The Real Leakers!

I posted months ago on how the real leaker in the Plame Game of classified information, methods and contacts was none other than Joe Wilson. He exposed just about everything regarding our contacts and methods in Niger in peddling his lies about debunking Niger forgeries. Now Clarice Feldman comes out exposing Prosecutor Fitzgerald as a […]

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Mar 27 2006

Immigration: Legal And Illegal

*** Update: To point out where the line in the sand is, look at this poll: _ Some 59 percent say they oppose allowing illegal immigrants to apply for legal, temporary-worker status, an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll found. _ More than six in 10, 62 percent, say they oppose making it easier for illegal […]

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Mar 26 2006

GMU Class of ’85 and ’89!

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And damn proud of it! Go Patriots! From LJ Strata and AJ Strata to the Patriot players: we are so proud of you guys! Pinch me, GMU is in the New York Times and Washington Post. And EVERYWHERE else. Amazing. Update: One more from the Post (can’t resist!)

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